How to get our tokens

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Hector Swap

Hector Swap is our Cross-Chain Swap Aggregator embedded into the Hector Network Ecosystem. This means that users can swap their tokens across multiple chains whilst getting the best possible rates. This is one of the steps we are taking to turn Hector Network into a crucial player on the Fantom Opera Chain, and beyond.
Reminder: Users need to enable both networks when using the Swap cross-chain. For example, when swapping from the Avalanche Chain to the Fantom Chain, a user needs to enable both of those chains in their wallet. Click here for a guide on how to add chains to a wallet.
  • It is usually more cost-efficient to convert funds to a stablecoin before bridging them to another network
  • Remember users need to enable both intended networks in their wallet.
  • Users should always consider whether they have enough funds in the needed tokens to cover transaction gas fees