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What is Hector Network?

Hector Network is an ecosystem of blockchain products focused on expanding the horizons of DeFI utility. We’re natively based on the Fantom Opera Chain, which is an extraordinarily swift, and inexpensive platform. Typically transactions cost a few cents and only take a couple of seconds to complete. Our company believes strongly that cross-chain functionality is the key to unlocking the full potential of the blockchain and we’re working to expand our offering across to other networks, starting in July of 2022 with the BNB chain.

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem consists of several subprojects, some of which are available now, some launching soon and some in development.
There are several subprojects within the Hector Network Ecosystem:
Available now:
Launching soon:
In development:
Starting development soon:

Hector Network's Audits

Hector Network submits all major contracts to Certik, a trusted auditing service, to confirm our offerings are secure.

Hector Network's Goals

To become a major player within the DeFi Community
Successful expansion of the Fantom chain, and blockchain at large will result in successful expansion for all those operating within. Promoting innovation and growth builds a brighter stronger future for us all. Whether it be improving security, increasing accessibility or fostering ingenuity, our team wants to help lift others up. We’re enthusiastic about partnering and passionate about helping new users enter the defi community.

To aid the growth of the Fantom Opera Chain and the Blockchain and beyond

We love the Fantom Opera Chain. We love the functionality, ease-of-use, and speed. We love how scalable it is. We think the Fantom ecosystem presents a significant opportunity for growth, and we want to help that happen. To date we’ve donated thousands of FTM tokens (about 4,000 at the time of writing this) to new users of the Fantom network in order to help them with their first transactions. When you consider that we give 0.1FTM per transaction. That means we’ve paid for the first transactions of up to 40,000 wallets in the network.

To do something that matters

Users have placed a great deal of trust in the project and team. This is something that we will never take for granted. Every decision we make is made with long-term growth in mind. We are constantly looking at ways to build better, more useful products.