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How did Hector Network launch?

Hector was stealth-launched on Nov 1st 2021 on SpookySwap.
  • There was no presale or ICO
  • There was no whitelist
  • There was no pre-allocation outside the launch marketing funds which have all been used
  • Liquidity has been locked
  • Marketing funds were locked and vested weekly until Dec 27th 2021

How does this all work?

At a high level, Hector Network consists of its protocol managed treasury, protocol owned liquidity (POL), bond mechanism, and staking mechanisms that are designed to control supply expansion.
Bond sales generate profit for the protocol. With liquidity bonds, the protocol is able to accumulate its own liquidity.
Under the Hector Ecosystem, we are developing several key subprojects. Several of these subprojects have been released already, which you can find along the left panel. You can read more about those still in development by visiting the "Features in development" section.

Has Hector Network been audited?

Hector Network has been audited by Certik.

What is APY?

APY stands for annual percentage yield. It measures the real rate of return on a principal by taking into account the effect of compounding interest.

What is a rebase?

Rebases are the mechanism by which the Protocol mints tokens. Approximately every 8 hours (every epoch on the Fantom Opera Chain), the Protocol mints new tokens based upon the staking parameters.