How to delegate your FTM tokens

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Go to fWallet and connect your wallet

Click "Connect Wallet" and follow the prompt that pops up to connect your wallet.

Find our Validator in the Staking Menu

Click "Staking" in the menu on the left.
Next, click "Add Delegation"
Choose the amount of FTM tokens you would like to delegate to our Validator and then click "Select a Validator".
NOTE: Always leave some FTM in your wallet for gas fees. 2 FTM tokens should be fine for many transactions.
Scroll through the list until you find the Validator you would like to delegate your tokens to, then click "Select".
Click "Continue"
Click "Delegate" on the next page and confirm the transaction in your wallet. If you are using a Hardware Wallet, you will need to connect it to your device and sign the transaction.

Congratulations! You have now delegated tokens to our Validator!