Glossary of Terms

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Annual Percentage Rate
The annualised interest rate, not accounting for compounding


Annual Percentage Yield
The annualised interest rate, accounting for compounding


Bond Control Variable
The scaling variable controlling bond prices. A higher BCV means a lower discount to bonders and higher inflation of the protocol. A lower BCV means higher discount for bonders and lower inflation of the protocol.


Decentralised Autonomous Organisation
A governance mechanism by which decisions are more trustless and collaborative. Votes are made using a governance token.


Protocol-Controled Value
The value of the treasury controlled by the protocol. A higher value is better.


Protocol-Owned Liquidity
The amount of its own liquidity the protocol owns. Higher is better.


Risk-Free Value
The amount of funds the treasury holds.


Total Value Locked
The total sum of the value staked in Hector Network in Dollars. A growing TVL is a sign of growth.