Hector NFT

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Hector NFT is one of the projects we’ve been working on secretly for a few weeks. Now is the time to start revealing more information. We have a few main aims for Hector NFT:
  • To create a DeFi game (Currently lovingly called Hector Game) We are creating a DeFi game which will use the NFTs we have been creating and will expand over time. Revenues generated by the game will support the expansion of not only the game, but the Hector Ecosystem in general.
  • NFT Staking NFT creators will be able to mint their NFTs through the Hector Ecosystem. A small portion of royalties from NFT sales will be used to buy HEC tokens and distribute them to NFT holders. This allows us to work with the best NFT creators to offer exclusive collections to the community.
Some eagle-eyed users may also have spotted the NFTs that we have occassionally shown off. For those who haven’t seen that yet, here’s one of many that will be revealed soon: