Hector Crosschain

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Hector Crosschain will be the team responsible for managing our offerings and presence across multiple chains. This will include adapting use cases to allow access to liquidity on other chains, as well as to form partnerships with projects and teams who are not native to the Fantom Opera Chain. This will allow us to grow into a more globalised project which will have access to a larger market. Cross-chaining will be a focus of 2022 and we are already in touch with several potential partners to help us to build out our Crosschain suite of services.
Hector Crosschain has now started work proper with the release of Hector DEX, our cross chian DEX aggregator which will form the backbone of our cross chain operation. The first steps will be to deploy contracts which allow users to interact with our products and services from any chain as if they were natively on the Fantom Chain.