4,4 Bonding

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Note: If you are unsure of what "1,1" "3,3" and "4,4" mean, check our FAQ page.
4,4 Bonds are very similar to 1,1 bonds, and are used in the same way as 1,1 Bonds, so please read that page first. There are, however, a few small differences:
  • 4,4 Bond rewards are vested in sHEC instead of HEC
    • This means that your bond rewards will compound as they are vested, meaning that you won't need to stake them after you claim them
  • 4,4 Bonds have a single 4 day vesting period
    • This means that 4,4 bonds can only be claimed in their totality after a 4 day vesting period
  • 4,4 Bonds are in shorter supply than 1,1 Bonds

How do I buy a 4,4 Bond?

The use process for 4,4 Bonds is identical to the process for 1,1 Bonds except for the fact that you'll need to select a 4,4 bond. Visit the 1,1 Bond buying guide to learn more.
Last modified 6mo ago