1,1 Bonding

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What is 1,1 Bonding?

1,1 Bonding is the process of using regular 1,1 Bonds:
Users can swap selected tokens (usually stable coins like DAI and USDC) or LP pairs (HEC-DAI or HEC-USDC) directly with the Protocol in exchange for HEC tokens. This allows the Protocol to build reserves of stablecoins which help grow the project.
In return, Bonders will receive a linearly vested supply of HEC tokens which can be redeemed.

How do I buy a 1,1 Bond?

Visit the Hector Network Website

Visit our Dashboard.
The Dashboard will show key metrics like TVL and HEC price.

Click "Bond" on the left

Select the bond you would like to use, and approve the transaction before confirming

Remember: Bonds are vested for 5 days from the point of purchase. Vesting periods are linear, meaning that you can claim ~20% per day at any time.
NOTE: Make sure you're using the right type of Bond! All bonds are labelled 1,1 or 4,4.

Can I use multiple bonds?

Yes, but your vesting period will reset to 5 days after the most recent bond.
For example, if you use a bond worth 10 HEC, and then exactly 3 days later, use another bond of the same underlying asset worth 10 HEC, your vesting period will become 5 days and your vest will become 14 HEC:
  • 6 HEC has already been vested to you from the original bond, leaving 4
  • You are adding another 10 HEC to your vesting reward to bring the total to 14
  • Buying a bond will set that bond's vesting period to 5 days